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Magazine Articles

CRN Magazine Logo CRN - Do Hackers Serve a Purpose? T.C. Doyle, October 20 2003
Triad Internet Connection March 2004 Cover Triad Internet Connection - Buying a Computer: Small Stores vs. Superstores Matthew Proctor, March 2004
Triad Internet Connection May 2004 Cover Triad Internet Connection - Spyware and Adware May Be Slowing Your System to a Crawl Matthew Proctor & John Shaw, May 2004

Television Appearances


WGHP FOX8 News - Interview to educate computer users about viruses and malware. Video coming soon...

Radio Shows


WMFR 1230 AM - Explanations about computer terminology and basic operation, and discussions to help listeners determine what hardware and type of computer best suits their needs.